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Sean Moore is a stone mason, an artist, and a craftsman who can look at an ordinary pile of stones and envision something extraordinary. His passion for the trade and his attention to detail are expressed in everything he creates – from simple block foundations to elaborate custom stone profiles.


Sean has 10 years of experience. He learned the craft of stone masonry working directly with a DC area master mason, Brad Nicholson. In 2012, Sean was requested by name to travel to Haiti as a Project Manager with Sitwayen Construction to build a school/shelter for a Haitian community. Following his time in Haiti, Sean continued to work and train as an apprentice mason alongside master masons at Other Brother Masonry, where he learned the art of hand crafting chimneys, stone veneer profiles, patios, landscape retaining walls, and custom stone jobs.


In addition to stone masonry, Sean enjoys his role as lead singer, guitarist, and lyricist for his band, Wise Eyes. He also enjoys drawing, painting, and doodling – no blank paper or surface is safe around Sean and a drawing implement! He has always had a gift of seeing the world differently and chooses to focus on the hidden beauty in ordinary things.


Every job Sean takes on is a puzzle to be solved. One of the things he loves best about his craft is making beauty out of what others might see as a mess. He takes the time the energy, coupled with his artistic abilities to build, create, original hand crafted constructs for your projects.


When you choose Moore Stone, LLC for your next project, you will be assured a serious, dedicated, hardworking, experienced artisan.